Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some people are just always thinking of others

I wish I could be more like that. I would like to be able to look past my own "problems" and do something to cheer someone else.

Marianne can do that, she is, in fact, very good at doing that. Despite the fact that she is trying to pack and move two separate households, I got a very sweet card and some pretty stitch markers from her on Friday. (The picture sucks, I didn't have my camera and had to use my phone.)

They came at the perfect time. I was having a complete melt-down, prozac moment, freak-out, breakdown, was a bad day...choose your own label. My husband always says that I am the "brother" in my family, we don't have any real brothers and I was always the tom-boy, the scrapper, the tough one (again, choose your own label). I have never been one to wear my heart on my sleeve, or let anyone know that I was worried or scared or that my feelings had been hurt. Because of that, the people around me don't really know what to do on those ocassions when I do have one of those melt-downs. It just made for a bad day for anyone in my path.

Anyhoo, I want Marianne to know that her little act of kindness was a bigger deal than she would imagine. Not only is she kind, thoughtful, and generous, but her timing is perfect. She tells me that those stitch markers come in very handy when one is knitting lace...we'll have to see about that.


Marianne said...

Well, thank you! and You are SO very welcome....funny how this thing called 'living' is sometimes.
I'm glad to have lifted your spirits a bit, I know how worried you are.

Emma said...

Marianne is the best, right? That was so sweet of her, and I'm glad it came along at a good time. Hope to see you Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Marianne really is a wonderfully caring person! I'm glad she cheered you up; I know it must be really hard on you having hubby away. I keep him in my thoughts daily. Take care.

Charles said...

She is so sweet!

I just let you know.. I just start mine "KNITTING VIDEO CAST"
Come and look and see what do you think about the cast!!