Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She's got legs

It seems I started something over on Buck's blog when I made a comment about chubby legs that then bled over onto Becky's blog. So I feel obligated to participate.

Check out these gams...stems...pins...getaway sticks:

This picture was taken in May 1967 - and you'll have to do the math yourself.

While I was looking for the chubby-legged picture I came across another picture that I have always found odd:

To the far left is my granddad Omer, then my daughter Kate holding her cousin Leslie, my sister Penny behind the stroller, in the stroller is a family friend Trenton, then my mother Joyce, and me on the far right. This picture seems odd to me because, while we have always been a pretty close-knit family, we look like a bunch of strangers in this picture. No two are looking at each other, or even in the same direction. We're not talking or posing. And I don't even know who took it, I'm assuming it was my dad but I don't even remember it being taken. Judging from the ages of the children and my hairstyle, I would say that this was taken around 1993.

I'm thankful if nothing else:
1. I'm thankful that fat legs are cute for at least part of our lives.
2. I'm thankful I don't still have that big hair.
3. I'm thankful that I had 30 years with my granddad.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh, for Pete's sake

I woke early this morning, about 6:ooam-ish, we watched a little news and had some waffles and a little coffee, things were going well, we were going about starting our Saturday. Then, the clutz that I am, was attempting to walk and carry things in my hands and talk at the same time. I may have even been trying to chew gum, I don't know, but a series of unfortunate events resulted in a US 7 (4.5mm) bamboo knitting needle getting stuck (about 2" of it) in my left heel.

Here's how the conversation went:

Robert: Oh jeez.
Amy: I can't pull it out, you pull it out.
Robert: I don't think we should pull it out, I'm taking you to the ER.
Amy: I can't walk, pull it out.
Robert: I don't think we should pull it out, I'll carry you.
Amy: It hurts, pull it out.
Robert: (grasping the knitting needle like he is considering pulling it out) I can't get ahold of it, it's slick, I don't think we should pull it out, I'm taking you to the ER.
Amy: Bobby, it hurts, please pull it out.
Robert: (reluctantly) OK, Let me get something to get ahold of it.

He leaves the room and comes back with some pliers.

Robert: (grasping the knitting needle with the pliers) This is not a good idea, we should go to the ER...are you ready?
Amy: (takes a deep breath) Yes

With one smooth motion Robert swiftly removes the knitting needle and Amy feels instant relief.

Amy: (suddenly feeling flush) I'm gonna faint.
Robert: Lie down

Robert holds Amy's feet higher than her head, at the same time applying pressure to the wound on her foot. After a few minutes the nausea subsides and the color returns to Amy's face.

Robert: Are you OK?
Amy: Yeah, thank you.
Robert: I peed a little bit.

So, how was your Saturday?