Sunday, March 30, 2008

Angels among us

In this loooong overdue post I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to everyone that has sent chemo caps for Dona.

Here are the pictures of the beautiful hats and links to the angels that sent them:

This one came from Tone

A beautiful cap crocheted out of cotton and a felted candy bag with yummy Norwegian chocolates.

Kristina knitted these beauties:

And from the amazing and talented Marianne came this cozy little number:

I received the most gorgeous Amanda Hat from Julie. It is made out of dark red Malabrigo and is heavenly. I have to apologize to Julie because Blogger won't let me upload the only picture I have of the actual hat.

I finally finished the hat I was making out of the Alchemy Silk Purse, I'm sad that I am done, that stuff is just stupid soft.

On Friday evening I went to Ft. Smith, AR to watch Leslie (my oldest niece) play the part of Princess Winnifred in her High School's production of Once Upon a Mattress. She did such a great job. I am so proud of her.

While I was in Ft. Smith, I saw Dona and was able to deliver all of the hats to her. She was so excited and thankful for them. She and I both are overwhelmed by the kindness. Her surgery went very well and she is recovering at home. She will begin her chemo therapy in a few weeks.

I forget sometimes to be thankful, I need to work on that. Here is the current list:
1. I am thankful for rainy Saturday evenings at home.
2. I am thankful for Marshmallow Peeps.
3. I am thankful that I have a husband that genuinely loves me.


Fannie Pie said...

The caps are lovely! I hope their knitterly powers help her through her hell. You're a great friend to gather them for her...

I'm going to miss everyone at knit night... say hello for me!

Kristina B said...

What wonderful hats! Amy, yours looks fantastic. $#*(@$&#*#( Blogger re. Julie's but it does look amazing. :-)

Marianne said...

All the hats are Gorgeous! and yes, may the powers of the knitters have a helping hand in seeing Dona through :^)

Shanna said...

The hats are gorgeous. I hope your friend feels the love while going through the chemo. I had to comment though on your thankful list for this post. Number 3 specifically. Some days for me that is what gets me through the And for number 2 replace peeps with chocolate caramel ghiradelli chocolates and I totally agree lol.

Emma said...

What a pretty parade of hats!


I'm so glad Dona is doing well! The outpouring of affecting is so touching to see. Despite looking a bit murderous with our pointy needles, knitters really are a sweet bunch :)

Hobbygåsa said...

The hats are great! Say hello to Dona for me and say that I will think of her during her chemo.
I am thankful for some degrees on the right side of the thermometer, snow that is melting, and sun that makes it warm enough to put away the warmest winter jackets. And makes it possible to not wear a cap and mittens.

Amanda said...

Beautiful hat!

Thanks for entering my contest! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful hats; I hope they truly warm her heart as well as her head. You are a very good person to have done this for her.

p.s. have you bought yourself some of that yarn yet????? You deserve it!

Pepper said...

The hats are wonderful! I always mean to comment on your thankful lists - I love reading them. I think I'll incorporate it into my blog some time. Everyone will be shocked because my entries are always so cynical.

(p.s. I finished the vest!)

tracyb said...

Hi there, I'm Tracy. I found your blog through the comments in Kristina's blog, and I flipped back through your entries and found the one about colon cancer and chemo caps? Do you still need some for your friend? My brother-in-law had surgery yesterday to remove the cancer in his colon. Let me know.

Cindy said...

I've been thinking about you alot with all this rain and all. Are you ok? Did you lose power at all? Are you in an area susceptible to flooding?