Thursday, April 24, 2008

Springtime at the knithouse

Everything around the knithouse is really starting to look like Spring. The hillside behind us is all budding and green:

The bunnies that live in the yard are frolicking about:

They are free to frolic without fear in our yard as long as they don't wake Blowfish:

To quote four-year-old Madeline, the bushes are getting very happy:

She took the above pictures of the azaleas, they're a little wonky, but she's four.

There hasn't been a lot of knitting at the knithouse lately. I've been pretty uninspired, knitwise. The patterns that fit into my most recent skill level are not challenging enough anymore and the ones that fit into the next skill level are frustrating. I don't know what I need to do to get past it. I guess I'll work it out somehow.

I'm working on some plain stockinette socks for a friend using some really pretty Opal sock yarn:

The yarn was so pretty, I felt like a simple pattern would work just fine (and it is) but I also think that this would make some very pretty Jaywalkers. What do you guys think? Should I keep going or start over with the Jaywalker pattern?

When I went to the LYS to get the Opal sock yarn for my friend's socks, I found some Berroco Sox in my favorite colors and had to pick it up, just for the sake of having it.

Maybe I'll break out of my knitting slump and make something fabulous with it. Either that or it will sit on the shelf in the spare bedroom until it's so old that it has become way too fragile to try to knit anything with it. Yeah, that's most likely what will happen.

What am I thankful for today? I am so glad you asked:
1. I am thankful for lazy dogs that sleep on old rugs in the backyard.
2. I am thankful for 80F/26C days.
3. I am thankful that the trees and bushes are getting happy.


Marianne said...

Those Happy Bushes are just beautiful!

Why don't you make the Jaywalkers with the Sox yarn...hmmmmm? Sure is pretty... loving those colours... and they'd be for you, right? (nod your head 'yes')

Cindy said...

Maddie is an excellent photographer. Way better than me. I love Blowfish. What a great shot of a contented pup. Your bushes look very happy indeed. And, your stocknette sock is pretty, as is. Do the Jaywalkers with your new yarn. I don't think the Opal will look as stunning in the Jaywalker. But, that's just me. Have a terrific weekend!

anniam said...

Keep going with the stockinette socks! I've tried several stitch patterns with the Opal I'm using and keep frogging them. The plain ol' knit stitch seems to be the best treatment for the patterned yarn.

AND, I'm thankful for SPRING!!

tracyb said...

Your azaleas are gorgeous! They do not grow like that up here. I think self-striping sock yarn makes rockin' jaywalkers myself, but I understand the need for a plain stockinette stitch sock too! Socks are always good in between projects for me. I'll get bored before the second one and decide I need to learn something new! Hope it works for you too!

Hobbygåsa said...

He is so cute, sleeping and dreaming and looking as nothing can wake him. Not even a bunny. The spring is here too yipppiiiie! It is sun and warm, NO more snow left in the garden - great! And with the sun comes less blogging it appeares... I am knitting a jacket and a laceshawl. OMG that lacething takes time.. Fun but frustrating for one like me that likes to see a FO several times in a week lol:. Happy weekend - hope the sun will shine on you!

Kristina B said...

Hey Amy: great photos! (although I don't think it's fair that Madeline takes better pix than I do. She does have a way with words, though - just like her aunt!)

I say keep going with the socks - they're cute!

The Berrocco Sox yarn is great too.

I notice you didn't ask if you could have the llama... :-)


Kathy said...

Keep going gets my vote as well. great colorway/fairisle way.

I love lazy dogs that sleep in the yard too.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures; the little one is quite the photographer.

I'm with Marianne about the socks.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Berroco sock yarn will be great for Jaywalkers! That way you don't have to frog anything(I hate frogging...) ;)

Spring time looks great at your place. Love the photo of Blowfish(awesome name, btw) hugging the rug in the backyard!! :D

Have a nice day!!

Donna B said...

You should learn to spin! There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is like riding a bike....not that hard. :-)

I like stockinette socks myself lately...not sure why. They do a good job of showing off yarn that has "things going on"