Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh, for Pete's sake

I woke early this morning, about 6:ooam-ish, we watched a little news and had some waffles and a little coffee, things were going well, we were going about starting our Saturday. Then, the clutz that I am, was attempting to walk and carry things in my hands and talk at the same time. I may have even been trying to chew gum, I don't know, but a series of unfortunate events resulted in a US 7 (4.5mm) bamboo knitting needle getting stuck (about 2" of it) in my left heel.

Here's how the conversation went:

Robert: Oh jeez.
Amy: I can't pull it out, you pull it out.
Robert: I don't think we should pull it out, I'm taking you to the ER.
Amy: I can't walk, pull it out.
Robert: I don't think we should pull it out, I'll carry you.
Amy: It hurts, pull it out.
Robert: (grasping the knitting needle like he is considering pulling it out) I can't get ahold of it, it's slick, I don't think we should pull it out, I'm taking you to the ER.
Amy: Bobby, it hurts, please pull it out.
Robert: (reluctantly) OK, Let me get something to get ahold of it.

He leaves the room and comes back with some pliers.

Robert: (grasping the knitting needle with the pliers) This is not a good idea, we should go to the ER...are you ready?
Amy: (takes a deep breath) Yes

With one smooth motion Robert swiftly removes the knitting needle and Amy feels instant relief.

Amy: (suddenly feeling flush) I'm gonna faint.
Robert: Lie down

Robert holds Amy's feet higher than her head, at the same time applying pressure to the wound on her foot. After a few minutes the nausea subsides and the color returns to Amy's face.

Robert: Are you OK?
Amy: Yeah, thank you.
Robert: I peed a little bit.

So, how was your Saturday?


Becky said...

Oh gosh! I laughed and cried at the same time! My Saturday wasn't nearly that interesting. All I did was watch Olympics while pretending I was cleaning house.

I hope your heel heals quickly.

Bea said...

Oh my. I think you should get that checked out. Lots of germs on those things. It was nice of him to pull it out though.

Hobbygåsa said...

Oh Amy, this must have hurt a LOT. You must check it as Bea said, and get it cleaned out. Well my Saturday was much better than yours, I keept my needles in the knitting bag, had dinner out at a restaurant and then relaxed with a DVD back home... Hope your heel get well without any complications.

Marianne said...

MERCY!!! I nearly fainted. I did cry. and laugh. so sorry. Two friggin' inches of US7?!?!?!?! **whump**

The deal is... and Robert could do this, heck, I could do this, get a little syringe type thingie/irrigation something or other, fill it with peroxide and flush it out. Most times you can get puncture wounds bleed out which will wash most of the 'icks' out but flushing it out then antibiotic ointment, dress it.. and watch it.
Honey, I'm so sorry. What the heck was that needle doing on the floor?
I SO want to make mention of his last line but...

Emma said...

Holy cow! What a harrowing experience. That's so crazy--I can't even imagine. Hope you're feeling well today. Yikes!

Buck said...

So, how was your Saturday?

Not anywhere near as exciting/painful as yours, Amy! Reading this made me wince... severely. I hope you're feeling better today.

Kristina said...

AAUGHGHGHGHGGH!!! Good for you to write about this with humour. My own achilles' heel aches in sympathy... but at least the dialogue was great!

Signing off now to pick up all of the knitting needles from the floor...


Linda said...

OMG! I cried and laughed too. I'm so sorry you had such a tramatic day.
"get a little syringe type thingie/irrigation something or other, fill it with peroxide and flush it out."
Really keep an eye one this. Any kind of red line running up your leg is VERY bad news.
What WERE those needles doing on the floor?
Hope you're feeling better today.

Bag Blog said...

I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Then you made me lol. Do take good care of your wound.

anniam said...

After the side-splitting sympathy laughter ( and peeing) has subsided, I feel like I should ask: When did you last have a tetnas (sp?) shot???

You guys are quite a team!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and emails. I had it checked out today. Dr. A told me to soak it, keep it covered, gave me some anti-biotics and a tetanus shot, so now my arm hurts too. Crap.

Linda said...

Now that we know that you'll live, the question is this. Did Robert damage your bamboo needle with the pliers?

Knit and fall back in it said...

Linda, he did in fact leave tool marks on my bamboo needle. I thought it would be best just to let that one slide...since he wasn't really happy about being the one that had to remove it in the first place. :)

tracyb said...

Oh my God! Size SEVEN? That is a huge needle to have stuck in your foot! You should've gone to the emergency room! :) Hope you are ok.

Fannie Pie said...

Holy crap! I can't imagine - well I can but it makes we cringe and possibly pee a little- OUCH.

Glad to hear you aren't going to get tetanus!!

US 7 - !! Wow.
Just one question-
Did your injury disqualify you from the ravelympics? Or can you knit through the pain and pull off the gold?

Anonymous said...

Yikes - how painful!!!

I'm glad to read that you had it checked out.

rita said...

The big question--did you at least get a photo before he pulled it out???

And 2"? Size 7? Eeek.

Kathy said...

Oh what a post! What a great job you both did. If you went to the ER they'd just want to know if you had a recent tetanus shot. I swear that was the main comment I heard. I don't know of anyone who has EVER had tetanus. What, is there a lock jaw epidemic I don't know about.

Such a great post.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I just got back from Mom's after she took a little spill and hurt her arm. (Mom thanks you for your kind comment on my blog.) Since she's feeling better, shall I come over and do your dishes and vaccuuming now? Seriously, get better soon.

Tina in Wonderland said...

OUCH!! I want to faint just reading about it! Dang, two inches of bamboo stuck up in your foot. That had to hurt!

Susan Pandorf said...

Ouch, ouch, OUCH!!! Talk about getting into your work...