Saturday, February 24, 2007

I gotta do some bragging here

We spent this evening at the Blue and Gold Banquet for Brice's Cub Scout Pack today. He got his Bobcat Badge and his Tiger Cub Badge. He was pretty pleased with himself. Bob and I are proud of him. He is a good kid, I am glad he is a part of our lives.

This picture was taken with my phone so it is not so great. The banquet had a luau theme, that is why the man in the picture is wearing a coconut bra.

Now, I have to brag a little about my daughter, Kaytee as well. She has worked in the medical field since she volunteered at a local hospital in 1997, she was 14 at the time. She decided last year to further her education and applied for the Radiographer program at TCC. Her ultimate goal is to become a Radiologist, but first things first. She got a letter last week for her "pre-selection interview". When she went for the interview the program director explained that the applicants were ranked based on several factors, GPA, ACT scores, experience in the medical field, community service to name a few. To make this long story as short as possible, she was ranked 8th out of 167. That girl is something else, I tell ya.

I have got about 60 or so rows knitted on my husband's sweetheart shorts, thanks to Marianne. She is the greatest, divot and all.

Today is my sister Beth's birthday. She is my older sister, and the mother of my beautiful and talented nieces, Leslie, Kacey (the photographer) and Jenna. Kacey has set up her own blog. If you feel like making a 7-year-olds day, pop in and leave a comment for her.

Emma and Sue mentioned taking knit nite on a field trip or a yarn hop. I'm in. I finished my taxes (finally) today and I still have some money left...may as well spend it on yarn. If we are going to that place downtown, though, I am going to have to go find it in the daylight.


Emma said...

Congrats on all the kids' accomplishments--and on getting going on the Sweetheart Shorts! I think a yarn store crawl would be awesome, definitely something to discuss at our next meeting.

Marianne said...

Congratulations to all the kids on their accomplishments!
See you tonight at knitnight?