Thursday, April 5, 2007


I heard on the radio this morning that on the list of cities with the worst springtime allergies, Tulsa was ranked #1. WOO HOO we finally won a title! I can't wait to see what that trophy looks like. But as I looked around, I saw things like this and decided the allergies are worth it...Tulsa is beautiful in the spring.

My tulips are beginning to fade a little, but here they are at the peak of their glory...and the azaleas

Tulsa is the heart of green country, no place prettier in the spring...or more unpredictable. This is what I saw when I got home this evening.

Whatever. The temperature is supposed to drop into the 20s over the next three nights. I have about $4 zillion worth of bedding plants that are probably not gonna make it. Oh well, I guess I can always plant again. My husband always says, "It's only money, we'll make more." Sometimes I think I can detect a hint of sarcasm in his voice when he says it, could I just be imaging that?


Emma said...

Yay for unpredictable weather! Love those tulip phots.

Eric said...

Your Tulips are making me swoon. Beautius!

Marianne said...

hahahahahahaha! gotta love a guy like that,eh?

The tulips are beautiful!
I never ever plant until late April, just because...this can happen. (bedding plants).

I have to haul the plants back inside for a few days...wacky weather....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tulips! I'm envious; take a look at my blog to see what mother nature did to us.