Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OK, I have really learned a LOT about myself in the last couple of days.

That silly little blog survey really got me thinking. 56%. Wow, I really would have thought that I was more "open-minded" than that. Marianne suggested that the survey might not have asked the right questions. Hmmmm...just how tolerant and accepting am I, really? OK, I have absolutely no problem with people of a different sexual orientation, or ethnic background. I am compassionate and caring toward people suffering for any reason, anywhere. I am pro-choice. Those are easy. Big deal.

Am I tolerant and accepting of those who are more "conservative" or "liberal" than I may be? Do I respect the rights of those that are more or less "religious" than I am or more or less "green"? What about people that smoke, or don't eat meat, or pronounce the T in the word often? How tolerant and accepting am I of the President?


I guess I have some work to do. I will do it, take that to the bank. Please be tolerant and accepting of me in the process.


Eric said...

pish tosh! That survey was in no way scientific. If all the questions had been about murderers, rapists and child molesters, I'm sure I would have scored a 0.
If you have a live and let live attitude,then most people will find you more than adequately open-minded.

Marianne said...

hahahahahaha. I pronounce the T in 'often'.....heh.
Oh, those little tests..what do they know? I think you're more than decently open minded and hey, I think there are things we, as human beings..decent ones anyway, SHOULDN'T be open minded about, eh?

Fannie Pie said...

You might feel differently about it when you realize that when I took it I scored a 72% but the text of my completed survey reads exactly like yours.... that's a pretty big variance to asess in identical terms, don't cha think?

it's just a made up questionaire, while entertaining, it basically means nothing... you're just dandy the way you are:D