Friday, June 22, 2007

I tried handpainting this afternoon for the first time

I have been wanting to try hand painting for quite a while. I read some books and everything that I could find on the internet and decided that I was ready to try a simple experiment this afternoon. I found a lot of helpful information and had fun playing around today, but there is one very, very important part of the process that I did not see mentioned in ANY of the things I read. It seems to be a very well kept secret among hand painters, but I figured it out for myself this afternoon. I will share the secret ingredient with you, even though hand painters across the globe may be angry with me for putting their well-guarded secret out on the internet for anyone to see. I have to warn you that I have not perfected the formula, I may have used too much of it, or maybe not enough, I am going to have to keep trying trying until I know for sure. Now without anymore stalling I am going to show you the one thing (quite possibly the MOST IMPORTANT thing) you will need to make your hand painting experience a pleasant one...

Being my first attempt I didn't get too tricky. No sophisticated patterns or anything like that. It is a study in pinks and browns and I will post some pictures once it gets dry and I can wind it up.

It will be interesting if nothing else and it was an excellent excuse to have a couple Rolling Rocks. You should never, for the love of chocolate, pass up an opportunity like that.


Marianne said...

Oh, I hear you, baby.

Eric said...

I agree, alcohol makes the hand painting process much less onerous. Beer, wine, shots: they all work.

Can't wait to see what you've come up with.