Monday, August 6, 2007

A recap of last weeks very uninteresting details

Monday - On the way to the library the alternator went out on my car. It was hot, I had kids with me. Good times. A tow truck picked up the car and my father picked the kids and me. Before Robert left we put four new tires on the car so that I wouldn't have to deal with that while he was gone. So the car is sitting in the shop with four brand new tires. Remember that point, it will become important later. So anyhooo, my dad takes me out to get Robert's car, and the rest of the afternoon is spent messing with the details of fixing the car. We didn't make it to the library.

Tuesday - Pretty uneventful, best I can recall.

Wednesday - We finally make it to the library. We read a couple of books while we were there and checked some more out to bring home. So we're walking out of the library and I notice that I have a flat tire (Robert's car, mine is still sitting in the mecahnic's shop with 4 brand-damm-gawd-new tires on it). UGH. Once again, it's hot and I have kids with me. More good times. Three hours, $165, and two new tires later, the kids and I are on our way home when my cell phone rings. It was my daughter, calling to report that she had been sitting at 66th and Lewis waiting to turn left when a car ran into the back of her truck. Thankfully it was just a minor fender-bender. The lady driving the other car was 87 years old.

Thursday - Pretty uneventful, best I can recall.

Friday - The insurance adjuster calls to inform my daughter that there is "some question of coverage" that needs to be cleared up before he can proceed with her claim. He said that the lady that hit her had recently lost her husband, who was the primary driver of the car that hit Kaytee and when the husband was removed from the policy the car was removed also. He had to find out of the car was supposed to be removed or if it was just inadvertantly removed when the driver was. Whatever...I don't know why we thought for even one second that dealing with an insurance company would be easy.

Saturday - Pretty uneventful, best I can recall.

Sunday - This was a good day, we went to dinner at Senor Tequila's for my dad's birthday.

I got involved with Do Something New KAL and I have already gotten started on my something new for August. SOCKS! Can you believe it? Me...knitting socks??? Well, I'm doing it. I don't have any pictures right now, and would be embarrassed to post them if I did because it is such a plain, simple pattern, but it's going pretty well. I have turned the heel and have done the gussett already. I am following Knitting Pure and Simple's Beginner's sock pattern #216 using Trekking XXL #84 in shades of green, brown and yellow. They are nothing compared to the socks I have seen all of you do, but it's a start. My September Do Something New project just might be lace, that is if Marianne is all moved and has time to help me get started. That might have to wait until October.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week sucks less than mine did last week.


Tina in Wonderland said...

Here's to you having a much better week that last!!

Mine sucked last week, too, but I don't think it could compare to your car trouble and being broken down in the heat with kids!

I bet your socks turn out great!

Marianne said... least you had that every other day 'off' thing going, jeeze, car crap just sucks, and 87 and on the streets? can we all just chime in here...ACK!
mmmmm, Senor Tequila...and did you have one..two...three? or more? What a week!
I am SO proud of you! proud mama kind of proud of you! socks! I'm doing a happy dance...
of course I'll help you get started with that lace, but it might just be in the rate things are going now... but you bet!

Emma said...

Ugh, what's up with the car?

Looove Senor Tequila! Had lunch there just yesterday, matter of fact.

And, just so you know, I would always be happy to help you get started on a new project. And Eri is like a lace expert at this point, so I could conscript him into the effort as well. Let me know!

Eric & Tony said...

Yeah Lace! Although I wouldn't go so far as to say expert. I've now ripped and CO'd Spring Things three times.

This week has to be better than last.