Thursday, October 11, 2007

Noolie is pretty cool

Noolie is so cool, I think we should change her name to Noolio or LL Nool J or Nool and the Gang (wow that one came from the dead file). Not only did Noolie devote her time to walking with Betty's Boops in the Light the Night Walk to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but she raised nearly $800 by herself.

Another cool thing about that is that she had a contest and gave US prizes for helping her with her fundraising efforts. Believe me I did very little, but I still received this in the mail yesterday.

Thanks Noolie, for rewarding my little (and by little, I mean pitiful) contribution to your effort. You are the one that deserves the prizes.


Marianne said...

Noolie IS way cool!
I'm a bit partial to 'Noolio'...
She really is an outstanding and exceptional woman.
Congrats on the prize!

Anonymous said...

You're too funny, Amy! I really appreciated your support and I'm happy you liked your prize.

Noolio :-)

Dipsy said...

Yay for Noolie - and congrats on the prize!