Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sunday was sunny and 84 degrees, perfect weather for yard work

We didn't do any, however. We decided to take a friend to the zoo instead. It was a beautiful day and most of the animals seemed to be feeling pretty frolic-y yesterday.

No animals here, I just took a picture of the train as it went by.

Here is a humongous turtle eating the leaves off of a low hanging branch.

I felt the sorriest for the sea lions. Such a rough life they live.

Brice on the train.

Brice with a giant snake around his neck. Luckily the snake came from the gift shop.

Two little turtles peeking out of the water at us. I think they thought we were the exhibit.

Two bison, they work about as hard as the sea lions.

This polar bear put on quite a show, he was in a very playful mood yesterday.

These two adult(undetermined type of waterfowl)were very protective of the baby. They walked along beside it and when it would stop and eat one would stand and watch one direction while the other watched the other direction. Nothing or nobody was going to sneak up on that baby.

I also have a couple of WIPs to show...I didn't work on them this weekend either.

This is a purse for a little girl. It is made with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. The pink is pink lemonade and I think the subtle color fades are going to be too subtle once it is felted. Oh well, you live and learn. It was one of those "make it up as you go along" patterns and I am not sure what kind of handle/strap I am going to put on it. Any ideas...anyone? The leaves were dyed with lemon-lime and I have some yellow that was dyed with lemonade that will be knitted into two or three little roses to be applied to the front of the purse.

This is yet another bear from the Debbie Bliss Simply Baby book. My nephew wanted an orange bear so I am making this one out of Knitpicks Crayon. I am in love with that yarn. 100% Pima cotton, machine washable and soft doesn't even begin to describe it. One could say that it is FREAKING SOFT. I am going to have to make a blankie out of it. Starting at the top and going clockwise is an arm (on the needles), the front and back of his body, a leg, and a snout. I loved the ones I made out of the Cashsoft DK in the previous posts, but I think this one is going to be my favorite.

There that is my weekend in a nutshell, no yard work got done, very little knitting happened, but I sure did have a lot of fun.


Marianne said...

dang, your photos didn't come through.....

Marianne said...

Aaaaah yes, the zoo, love the huge tortoises.

Cute little pink lemonade bag and I will vouch for the KP Cotton, unbelievably soft.