Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm spoiled

I am the first to admit that I am spoiled. I don't think I have ever tried to deny that I am spoiled. I have made my peace with it and I am OK. I am spoiled.rotten.

What is it, that has spoiled me so? Electricity. Electricity and all that comes along with it. I love heat, hot water, lights, cable tv, my DVR, high speed internet, phone service. I love using my washer and dryer, my dishwasher, hairdryer, refrigerator...I could go on and on.

Having had no electricity for the last four days I have had a lot of time to think about how much I love these things.

In my last post, I mentioned that we had gotten a lot of this:

Turns out that was a bit of an understatement. We did not get a lot of ice, we got a freakin' butt load of it.

That tree is pretty much destroyed, as is this one:

I won't bore you with the rest of the pictures. We have over 40 trees in our yard and there is not one of them that didn't suffer significant damage. We will be cleaning up limbs for the rest of our lives. The neighbors across the street have a tree limb in their bedroom.

I heard one report that stated there were 600,000 homes and businesses across the state of Oklahoma without electricity last week. We were without from Sunday night until Friday evening, but there are still a lot of people without power. I pray for strength for them until their power is restored. It's quite tiring.

Enough of the negativitiy. I have decided that the power outage has thrown me seriously off of my Christmas knitting schedule. I have put the mystery project aside for now. I have got to spend my time a little more efficiently for the next week, so I went to my LYS and got this:

Isn't that a pretty little multi-layered yarn cake? It is all Cascade 220 and it is going to be three pretty little felted purses for three pretty little girls.


Eric & Tony said...

I lost 1/2 my trees. But I only have 4. Stupid ice storm.

Kristina B said...

That is unreal, Amy. I would have never thought that you would have such an ice storm down there. A few years back here there was a huge one like that which hit the eastern part of our province including where my mother is living. They were without power I think for five days or so, and the military were coming by to evacuate elderly people.

It certainly must bring some perspective to be without power. As well as some quiet.

The "yarn cake" is amazing. I'm sure the little girls will love the purses. And the mystery project will still be there whenever you feel like picking it up again...



Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, I'm so glad that your power is back on and you all are okay! We had a bad ice storm a few years ago and were without power for 3 days - that was more than long enough!

Love the multi-layered yarn cake! I think there are going to be three very happy pretty girls :-)

Hobbygåsa said...

OMG this sounds awful! I have been thinking of you and I am so glad that you are back so I can see that you are ok. That is a pitty with all those trees, but as long as you and your family are safe you have to be glad for that. Lovely yarn cake you have there, can't wait to see it all knitted up. Take care!

schmom8889 said...

I'm going to focus on the positive instead of the crappy ice storm and the fact that I could knit without light, but not fix the inevitable mistakes and comment that your Cascade Cake is lovely as will be the much loved felted purses. So, how's THAT for a run-on sentence?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your trees.. I never knew ice could do that! And those poor people having a tree in their bedroom? Talk about nightmare.. :/

Nice yarn, can't wait to see how the purses turn out.. I've hardly felted any thing knitted, maybe I should give it a try some time(when I've done making all the other stuff on my to-do-list.. hehe)

Jaye said...

Glad to see you back in action and in good shape despite the tree damage, Amy. Sorry about all the damage, though, I totally empathize with you. Our ice storm wasn't nearly as bad or as wide spread and the outages didn't amount to much.

I'm sure the three pretty little girls are going to love their felted purses like mad! They're at that age where handmade gifts are still a good and appreciated thing ;0)

Fannie Pie said...

Glad to see you're safe and warming up! It's been an interesting week. Who knew we were so addicted to electricity!

I think we need a make up knit nite party to celebrate!

Happy knitting!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Our news here were full of the icestorms in the USA and Canada, and I was just hoping and praying that none of my blogger friends were anywhere close to that - I'm so sad to hear that you were hit by it and had to suffer for so long without electricity. It's unbelievable how much we depend on electricity, we're totally lost when we're without it, aren't we? I'm actually shocked that it took so long till you all got yours back, I can only begin to imagine what a sheer horror this must have been.
Fortunately you're safe and warming up now - do take extra care of yourself, will you?