Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who's responsible for this weather?

Meteorologist Frank Mitchell says we are going to have dreadful cold, freezing rain all week, but he isn't blaming the Canadians for it.


Hobbygåsa said...

Not me! We have minus 2 celcius, and it is snowing again... I am enjoing to use all the scarves and hats and mittens that have been knitted. And today have been baking day. A lot of cookies and cakes for Christmas. Have a nice Sunday!

Eric & Tony said...

Then I blame Hobbygasa.

Jaye said...

LOL! Blame Hobbygåsa!

Seems it's a clash of air from the northwest and southwest. Accorinding to what my local weather girl just reported. But I'll tell you, we're looking at the 20s and just barely above 30s (31) for the week with snow and freezing rain. Personally, I don't like blaming the Canadians. In my experience they're some really nice people ;0)

Have a great Sunday and stay warm!

Fannie Pie said...

It was me! I hung up a bunch of decorative snowflakes at work this week- last year I did that right before thanksgiving and I think you remember what happened last year!

I was really only trying to give everyone an excuse to stay in and complete all their Christmas knitting... I only did it for the knitters:)

( I was aiming for snow, really, but sometimes my snowjo is a little off)

Happy knitting!

Kristina B said...

Re. "blame Hobbygåsa" - wow, that would be some wild cold front that could cross the Atlantic! Hobbygåsa, I feel your pain. We have had temperatures under 0 celsius for a couple of weeks now - and snow and ice. Grr... or should I say "brr"?

Amy - brutal. The ice is the worst, I agree. Hope it clears for you soon.