Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogbirthday contest!!

To celebrate my blogbirthday I have come up with a little contest. Here is how it's gonna work:

Below are some questions about me. They aren't hard questions, someone that has never met me can easily find the answers right here on my blog. You will get one point for every question that you answer correctly and you can get additional points for sending others over to participate. All your friends have to do is tell me that you sent them.

At the end of it all the person with the most points will receive whatever it is that I get at the yarn store today, it's gonna be something cool...just don't know exactly what yet. A tie will be settled with a random drawing.

Email your answers to collier39(at)cox(dot)net.

Good luck!

1. When did I finish my first pair of socks?

2. What was my first car?

3. What did I want for Christmas?

4. What is my dog's name?

5. Where did my husband spend last summer?

6. What is my Ravelry ID?

7. How old is my daughter, Kate?

8. What kind of pie did I bake for my MIL for Mother's Day last year?

BONUS (worth two points)

When asked about my natural hair color, what is my reply?

The points will be totaled up and the winner announced on Monday (01/28). Thanks for playing and thanks for making this blog so much fun for me!


Kristina B said...

what a cool idea!!!

when is the deadline?

Hobbygåsa said...

Great idea! I am leaving for our cabin this weekend but I hope I can find out some of it today. Have a great weekend!


This contest was so fun - I had a blast doing a virtual scavenger hunt around your blog trying to find all the answers. It's a really good way to get newcomers to your blog learn all about you!
Thanks for your compliment on the Firestarters. They are shockingly easy once you figure out the chart (its not hard, just not written in typical American chart-writing style).

Anonymous said...

I'm in a bit of hurry right now(on my way to bed), but will hunt for answars tomorrow!! :D

Thanks for leaving nice comments on my blog. I guess I'm ready to start blogging again(I sure miss it).

Have a really nice weekend!! :)

Turtle said...

That was fun!

anniam said...

I'll get my answers in this weekend. And, by the way, check out Hat Attack on Ravelry or the Yahoo group. It is like sock wars, but with hats. I'm in, come play too!!!!