Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm living a double life

When my husband is home, I sit and knit on this Market Squares Bag from Bags-A Knitter's Dozen. I started it as a "stashbuster" to use up some of the wool I have piling up around us. That pleased my husband and he sits here as I knit on it, confident that God is in his Heaven and everything is right with the world.

This bag is going to be a fairly big bag. I am not sure what I will use it for, maybe a shopping bag or to carry sunscreen and stuff to the pool. I usually don't like bags this big but I am IN LOVE with entrelac and had to make it just for that reason alone.

But the minute my husband leaves for work, or mows the yard, or takes a shower, or a nap, my alter ego takes over and I start working on my top-secret project. It is a project that I started several months ago. I was unhappy with it and frogged it. Eric even referred to it as the "Red Cotton Beast". My husband's birthday is coming up at the end of June and I decided to give it one more try. I am sure you have guessed it by now, it is the Sweetheart shorts.

This secret mission has been without incident so far and should be accomplished by my deadline. If you should happen to see my husband, consider yourself sworn to secrecy, lest I release a jar full of moths into your stash closet.


Emma said...

Yay! Sweetheart shorts reappear!

Marianne said...

So...Amy,...er, ahem, he doesn't read your blog?!?!?
Your entrelac is amazing, as are the shorts.. ;^)

Anonymous said...

The bag is gorgeous! Love the shorts; will he be modeling them for the blog? ;-)