Saturday, June 21, 2008

Groovy (?!)

When I mentioned what a moron I was for knitting my square for the Holly and Tracy's Blankie Project before I dyed the yarn. It was suggested that a tie-dye square would be cool.

I knew that tie-dying the lacy leaf pattern square wouldn't work, so I had to make another square, just plain stockinette stitch and then I tried to tie-dye it.

It became abundantly clear that I know nothing about tie-dying, however, that didn't stop me.

Oh yeah, that's really groovy, Amy. But just look at that lawn, that Robert knows how to keep a beautiful lawn, I'm here to tell ya!

Here is the Lacy leaf pattern square now that it has been turned green:

It's kind of a sage color, but you'll have to take my word for it because I couldn't get an accurate picture of the color to save my own life.

Becky posted a picture of a moth on her blog today (maybe yesterday) and since I had a very similar picture I thought I would post mine too. I don't think this is a moth, I'm calling it "undetermined type of winged insect".

For my last photographic entry, here is something I saw while out running amok errands this afternoon.

I'm gonna get all thankful now:

1. I am thankful for my beautiful niece, Leslie. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

2. I'm also thankful that she doesn't ever have to say "But I'm almost 18" again.

3. I'm thankful that it has stopped raining.


Becky said...

Great moth picture. Yep, I'll bet you took it the same way I did mine. Thanks for the link.

Marianne said...

I like your tie-dye square AND your pretty lacy square (although it doesn't look sage green from here, I'll take your word on that one) your winged insect sure is pretty... and green :^)

Cindy said...

I love your squares. Both of them. And, isn't it lovely? The rain has stopped and now it's 400 gazillion degrees. Steamy enough?

Anonymous said...

Very groovy tie-dyed square! That lace square is beautiful as well (I'm with Marianne; I'll take your word for it being green).

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I'm groovin' on your tie-dye! Looks great. The Lacy Leaf is also beautiful. They'll both be greatly appreciated I'm sure. I think that is a moth in your picture. If I remember correctly butterfly wings stand up when at rest, moths fold back. Since these aren't in either position, could you ask him to pose for another pic?

Bea said...

I think both squares are awesome. I love the tie-dye. I think I would have no matter how it looked because I love orange, but whatever, its awesome!

Holly Bee said...

Ok! You are awesome, groovy and one happenin' chick!

Your powers of both knit and tye dye are strong!

97! That's delightful. I'm thankful I'm in Michigan.

Thank you for all your awesome knit work on this project!!

Kristina said...

97 degrees!!!! You need some more groovy tie-dye, my friend. Preferably long loose caftans...

I love the square myself. The lawn is also impressive, though. The lacy left pattern looks great too - it reminds me of the Tuscany pattern.

Will have to get the tie dye technique from you... I have some stained t-shirts that I would like to rehabilitate.

anniam said...

The color on my monitor is sooo far off, the lacy leafy square IS sage green. Probably time to get a new monitor. :)

Hobbygåsa said...

Both the squares are beautiful! Great job! And a great lawn too. 97 is hot isn't it? Here is rain and cold and we are soon up for the seasideholiday - I want sun!

Linda said...

If the Lacy Leaf pattern or the very cool Tie-Dyed square aren't your A-Game I don't know what is! I LOVE, love, love the lacy leaf pattern. If only I could knit!

Buck said...

I like both squares, too, especially the tie-dye (of which I have some not insignificant experience with...wearing, tho, not making).

I think your bug is a young grasshopper or locust, based on the shape and length of the abdomen. That said, I'm about as much of an entomologist as I am an astronaut. Which is to say: not even.

rita said...

Both squares are beautiful. I've never tried dyeing yarn, much less tye-dyeing.

We've had a cooler weekend; nice at night, high 70s in the daytime. That's what happens when you get an air conditioner for your bedroom after whining about it for three years.

tracyb said...

97 degrees! I bet you are thankful for air conditioning too! Gorgeous tye-dye and waving wheat!

Kathy said...

OH Lacy leaf is absolutely gorgeous.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that lacy leaf pattern! I think your tie-dye experience turned out nicely. I'm sure you had fun with it.

Turtle said...

cool moth pic, the tye dye came out well and love that lacy leaf pattern!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Both squares are gorgeous the leafy lace is my favorite:)Hugs Darcy

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