Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm going to write a strongly worded letter.

Who is responsible for this weather?!? I am sicktofreakindeath of all of the thunderstorms and high winds and broken limbs and and and. And as soon as I can figure out where to send my formal complaint you can bet that I will send it. I was in the process of writing a rant er, I mean whine about the weather last night when another storm came through and knocked out our electricity. It was out until about noon today. I turned on the local news just to learn that there is another storm on the way. It's already looking dark off to the west, it may be too late to start composing that letter now.

Here is a picture that Robert took last weekend during one of the storms:

OK, I'll stop complaining about the weather.

Every so often I find myself in a situation that makes me say, "WHUT?" Yesterday was one of those times.

I do a lot of work for a company called United States blah blah, they normally just use their initials and call themselves U.S.x.x. I had to make a phone call and I identified myself as a representative of U.S.x.x. The woman on the phone asked me to spell my name, I did. She asked me again the name of the company and I repeated U.S.x.x. She then said, "Can you spell that for me?" don't think I can.

Now, to be thankful:

1. I'm thankful that the weather hasn't really been more than an inconvenience to me, even though I've complained like it was a big deal.

2. I'm reminded again how thankful I am for electricity.

3. I'm thankful that, because of the rain, the high temperatures in this area have stayed in the low 90s.


Cindy said...

It is so hard to be nice to stupid, isn't it? We had lightning like the picture last week, too. Hopefully, it'll start winding down s.o.o.n. Your rant has been heard and maybe if we all clap, no wait, that's Tinkerbell. The heck with it.

tracyb said...

It's crappy here too. I'm sweating out my first Northeast Michigan Tornado Watch right now. Yuck.

Marianne said...

Meh.... pretty mild language, missy, if you ask me ;^)
But I'm right there with you, the rain is coming down like craaazy at the moment... but hey, no thunder!
I slept right through 'whatever' happened last night but manOman, I'm SO friggin' tired of the wind that's been blowing through for... how long? I'm sickandtired of picking up sticks, and branches and dadgum limbs, chopping them up blah blah blah!!!!! whew. and that's just at my house... tomorrow I'll be tending to the damage control at mom's... be still be beating heart. meh.
Seriously, we've been very lucky, eh?

Anonymous said...

Well you could be wearing sweaters to work in this lovely start of JUNE! It has been in the high 80s/low 90s here the past few days. I still have to wear long sleeve shirts to work because the bank is more like a meat locker :) I hope the weather clears up for you to have a nice sunny weekend. :)

Fannie Pie said...

I feel your pain! Love the phone call story, you showed wonderful restraint:-)

Hobbygåsa said...

Oh that is too bad weather for June. I hate thundering and lightning, it makes me scared. Why I don't know, it just does. But it is beautiful to watch though..
Yesterday our town was warmest in Europe with 30something degrees celcius, it is soooo nice. And this weekend we just have to enjoy because the weatherforecast sais rain on Monday. It is perfect, and if we just had a tiny little swimmingpool I would have been most grateful.. But there are so many other things to be grateful for so the pool has to wait. Maybe we can buy such plasticpool as the kids have lol:)

sipusa said...

Uh....I can't say I don't understand you....but it's all our own ....or our fathers and grandfathers and grand see......the human race haven't been nice to the earth and now we all have to pay.....personally I think it's worst for the animal, they haven't done enything to deserve this....and even if we normal people isn't used to look at ourselfs this way, we're all responsoble with the way we're living...all our consuption.....and do we need to eat that much meat....can we buy fewer clothes, use less energy....and so on....I've realle been trying lately, to do what is best for nature and for other animals

but it isn't easy.....oh, here I am, on and on about this, but it's really making me sad and angry, all this mess we've made.....sometimes I just want to say; ok God, you was right, we should never eaten that dammed apple! Take this knowledge away from us! Please! We can't handle it.....but it's too late.....we must face the fact.

By the way, It's really warm here with us, and I'm not handeling it very well, my head aches, and I hope for rain monday....

Well, I hope you got yourself through this statement, I just had to get it out....honestly I have to get it out almost everywhere, be patient with me and I will be thankful!!!

Love from Norway;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope the whoever is in charge of the weather there smartens up pretty soon and sends some of the good stuff your way.

Great picture, though!

I can't stand stupid people; I have a very difficult time being polite to them.

Kristina said...

Brutal weather... hope it lightens up for you soon... sigh. And do rant away. I find it helps, myself.

As for the US** moron... SIGH.

Linda said...

Send some rain to SC. It's been blazin' hot (over 90) for weeks and we haven't had so much as a pop up thunderstorm in a month. I went out to cut the grass yesterday at 7pm thinking it surely had cooled off enough. But NO! It was 97 degrees! The heck with the grass. If this weather keeps up it will be dead soon and I won't have to worry about mowing it.

Cindy said...

I apologize, but I cannot figure out the comments section of Wordpress. Lord help me. I'll get it as soon as I can find my brain.

Buck said...

She then said, "Can you spell that for me?" don't think I can.

Now there's a LOL moment, if I EVER saw/heard one! God Bless the clue-free; they need ALL the help they can get!

And I EVER hear ya about the weather. I'm SO sick of the wind...

Donna B said...

Well, if I can read between the lines, I do believe we are your loyal customers.... :-)