Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm going to grow some flippers

It's unusual, Mid-June, to have this much rain around here.

Holly B, Tracy B and the Zombie Prom Date Knitters have a fun charity knitting project going on. If you're looking for a project, go on over and check it out. They're looking for 12" squares made from worsted weight washable wool in any shade of orange or green. Tracy lost her sister to cervical cancer and they are making a blanket in her honor to donate to the Hope Lodge. Go on...go check it out.

I decided I would make a square for them, I knew I had some bare superwash wool that I could dye green or orange so I got it out and made a swatch to figure out my gauge, then I started playing around with a pattern, before I knew it the square was done - and it is not green or orange. What a loser! I always do everything bass-ackwards. I guess I will pull my head out and do something that will cause it to be green today.

It looks like this right now, we'll see how it turns out.

Hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on around here other than that.

Here's some things that I am thankful for today:

1. I am thankful for places like the Hope Lodge.
2. I am thankful that the high temperature in my area today is 79F/26C.
3. I am thankful that I live on a hill.


Cindy said...

It isn't leaving you alone, is it? That sucks. We have finally had a weekend sans rain. Of course, there's still horrendous flooding, but we're far enough away and high enough that we're fine. I'm sending dry thoughts your way. BTW, your square is quite lovely, no matter what color it is.

Marianne said...

Well, Amy. Aren't you the clever woman?
That is a Gorgeous square, looks like waving wheat, looks all Oklahoma and Kansas, eh?
so.... you gonna share that pattern with us? nudge-nudge...

clarabelle said...

How horrible and pooh-y that you've got such nasty weather (we have lots of rain here in the UK as well, but with some sun inbetween, thank the lord).

Your hospice square is absolutely beautiful.

anniam said...

whoa. I'd do things bass-ackwards too, if they'd turn out that well. Very nice, indeed.

tracyb said...

That's gorgeous!

Buck said...

My monitor must need calibration, because that square sure looks orange to me! And beautiful, too, as the others have noted.

Dang. I wish we had some of your rain, Amy. But all we've gotten of late is heat (98, as I type) and wind (not too bad today... only gusting to 27 mph). {sigh}

And it's not even summer yet. Curse that global warming! ;-)

Bea said...

I love that square. What pattern is it?? I think it will work really well to dye it after its knit!

rita said...

Incredibly beautiful! Have fun dyeing it.

Bag Blog said...

We are not getting as much rain as you; it has been really nice here. It is the wind that can be a bit trying.

That square is the reason I would like to learn to knit - just beautiful.

Linda said...

Heck! Don't dye it. We'll put yours in the center!
Your square is exactly the reason I wish I could knit. (Knitting makes me angry, not relaxed) That square is Gorgeous! I agree with marianne; waving wheat. Nicely done.

Hobbygåsa said...

What a great square, really lovely! We have seen a lot on televisjon from Iowa and the really bad weather they have had, it is so sad to see. Hopefully you have it better even if the electricity disappeares pretty often. One week left and then I am going to the seaside for a week, I am sooo looking forward to that! I love the seaside, and when I grow up I will live in a nice flat near the salty water lol:.

Emma said...

Such a pretty square! Like Marianne said (she's so clever!)--looks like waving wheat. Lovely.

Kristina said...

What a marvellous square. And this on the same day that you posted that you couldn't knit lace???? Shame on you. :-)

Holly Bee said...

You square is why my square is called Filler!!! Really. It's super fancy and beautiful.

I too am thankful you live on a hill :)

Heather Outside Boston said...

What a beautiful lacey-leafy pattern! Is this from a published pattern that I could go buy?

I just found you from Knit With Snot -- two great sites. :-)

Anonymous said...

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