Friday, September 28, 2007

I need some color advice

I haven't had an actual FO in what seems like forever, I need an instant gratification project so I am going to make a new purse using this:

I have several choices of colors to put with it. I have always thought blue looks nice with orange and yellow, so I could put these together:

There's always red, that goes well with orange and yellow for a very bright alternative:

I have brown for a more subdued look. Kind of an autumnal, changing leaf kinda thing:

If I combine it with black I would get a very Jack-O-Lanterny effect:

And last, but certainly not least is white for the illusion of candy corn:

What would you do?


Hobbygåsa said...

This is a bit difficult without seen the yarn "live", but my choice would have been brown! Definitive not black or blue... Good luck, and post a photo when you have started! Have a nice weekend!

Marianne said...

Do you have any turquoise?
Perhaps let it visit the lys and look at turquoise and maybe even purple? I know it sounds weird but the combos may surprise you.

Eric & Tony said...

I think each combo has potential.

I've done a room in Y-O-Blue before and my livingroom now is Y-O-Red so obviously I think those are great choices. Both are very bold and sunny-fiesta-ole!

The Brown Black and White would each look good and they are easier choices since they are more subdued. They are also more season appropriate.

Guess it depends on what you're after and what you already have/need.

Wow that wasn't very helpful; go with the blue!

Emma said...

I agree with Eric--you can't really go wrong. I personally like the pink/red option. However, if you don't want to go that bold, I would go with the brown. Just pick one and go!

Bjørg said...

I liked the brown best. I also think the yellow- orange yarn is so beautiful colored, that you could use it as it is aswell.
I also like your blog, and the way you write! Good luck with the colors.

schmom8889 said...

Lovely choices, all of them. I'd do blue, however. But then almost everything I own is blue, green or some 'ish of those colors!!

BTW--thanks for linking to my blog


Anonymous said...

I like the brown or the red best. They would all work, though. I also like Marianne's suggestion.

check out my blog post tonight - you won a prize :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. You have a good selection to choose from. Since it's fall and near Halloween, I'd say brown or black. But if you mean to use it year-round, the red is very pretty also.

Kristina B said...

I'm giggling reading the above - we all have different tastes, it seems.

I would stay away from the blue with these colours - I love the blue, just not with orange (too KD for my tastes). Any of the other colours works fine in my view, but my personal preference would be the red.

Where did you get the fabulous orange/yellow yarn, by the way? ;-)

Dipsy said...

Oy, that's a tough one indeed! I think the blue and the red don't really go along with this yarn (which is beautifully colored btw) - my choice would be the brown or black to calm it down a bit.

*Jaye* said...

Did you decide yet?
I *love* the yellow and orange yarn - LOVE IT! It's beautiful and although I love blue, the three together not knitted up look a little parrot like to me. Therefore, I'd say go with the red. It makes a beautiful, bold and lovely statement as is and no matter what sort of purse you're making I can actually see it in my mind. :D