Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh, what a time we had

We are back from our vacation and it was unbelievable. We had such a wonderful time. I took this picture as I stood on the deck last Saturday afternoon.

I was unable to get a picture that accurately depicted the color of the water. I cannot think of a word to describe the shade of blue. It was so beautiful. As far as I could see was this beautiful blue water and I remember wondering when I took this picture, how deep it was. That evening the Captain made an announcement about the weather and told us that we were about 355 miles out to sea. He told us blah, blah, blah we are traveling at 19 nautical miles blah blah and the ocean depth is 10,400 feet. Ten thousand four hundred feet. As far as you can see X 10,400 feet deep = a lot of water. I don't even know how to figure out how much water that is. I wish I could describe that shade of blue, it was beyond gorgeous.

During our vacation we got a lot of sun, had a lot of margaritas, got a lot of rest, had a lot of margaritas, and did a little knitting, had a lot of margaritas. I finished my first pair of socks. And had a lot of margaritas.

I wish I could say that I will get a lot of use out of them, but my daughter absconded with them as soon I got them finished and laundered. I only hope she gets a lot of enjoyment out of them. Maybe I will get to keep the next pair.


Marianne said...

Seriously, just how many margaritas? and your brain? has the swelling gone down? (that's what hurts you know...heh)
Gorgeous socks...I hope you get the next pair!
Glad you had so much FUN!!!

Hobbygåsa said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful vacation, and WOW that was a lot of margaritas! I like margaritas too!! Yours socks are perfect, and knitting your second pair will be much more fun, I promise!

Emma said...

Wow, so many margaritas, and still able to turn out a pair of socks. I'm impressed!

Eric & Tony said...

The socks look awesome! 10,400 feet is like two miles deep. Geez.

Glad you had a great vacate!

Anonymous said...

If daughter grabbed them, you KNOW they're good!

Seriously, those are some nice looking socks (and you knit them while under the influence?)!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Glad you had a nice vacation! That is kinda mind-bloggling to hear the depth being over 10 THOUSAND feet! Wow!

I love the colors in those socks! And I also love Margaritas!

By the way, you won the little prize package for the 'Do Something New' KAL!! If you could send me your mailing info, I can get it in the mail to you tomorrow!

Dipsy said...

Oh, what a beautiful vacation it seems you've had! You've been to the Caribbean, haven't you? In that case I can well imagine the color of the sea - I *so* long to go back there and see it again!
And these are some great socks that you've knit - a couple margaritas sure make knitting a lot easier, don't they? Then again, a couple more and knitting will be a disaster (I know what I'm talking about ;))
Happy knitting!

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Ooooh, very nice socks. What yarn did you use?
Maybe Hand Maiden Sea Silk comes in the color of blue you saw. It would be worth checking it out, eh? :-)

Kristina B said...

First socks... !!! They are wonderful.

And Handmaiden sea silk does have an "ocean" colourway, although I'm not sure if it's on their website. Not quite the vivid blue of the photo above, but lovely all the same.

On that topic, Amy, I strongly suggest the Montego Bay scarf for a lace project (further to your post on Do Something New KAL). I'm making a second scarf in a different pattern again using sea silk. Lots of fun!