Friday, September 7, 2007

My goodness, I have done a little shopping

I guess that vacation got me in the habit of spending money, 'cause that seems to be all I have done this week.

I went to the LYS and I got this:

It is Trekking XXL #188 "Shades of Gray" in the LYS and in my sister's house it looks like grays and black, in my house and most definitely in this picture it looks like grays and blues. It is too rainy to go outside and check it in the natural light, it is very pretty either way. It is on it's way to becoming a pair of socks for Robert. That is if I don't get too tired of knitting before I get them done, he has big-ass feet...size 12.

And while I was there I bought two of these, which will be a pair of socks for me.

It is Panda Cotton in the "Choclate Almonds" colorway. I sure do like the "Rosewater" colorway, may have to go back and get some of that too, since I am in the mood to spend money. I'm just sayin'.

Then I picked up this:

This one is Berocco Love It Colors in the Hotel California colorway. This one is going into the mail with a handful of other treats to SP11 spoilee. She said that she likes pinks and greens and what's not pink on this ball of yarn is most certainly green. Seems to be just what she asked for.

Yeah, and that's not all. I got on the innanets and ordered two back issues of Interweave Knits that I didn't have and just couldn't possibly live without...AND...a skein of
This! AAAAAAAHHHH! I am so excited to get this, I can't wait. I got this in the "Ocean" colorway.

Since I am now in the mood to add pics to this post I will add another vacation pic. Robert took this one standing on the beach in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico. the water there was green, but it was a very pretty green. When the sun hit it is seemed like it was glowing.

We sat at a bar on this beach and drank Coronas (we needed a break from the Margaritas). It sure was hard to leave, I don't know what paradise is like, but it's gotta be something close to this.


Marianne said...

You give me such a good case of the giggles! you little yarn ho. Seriously, the yarn...all of it.. is gorgeous and gosh..I wasn't at all surprised that you chose the 'chocolate almonds' colourway, it's so pretty! but mmmmm, sure do like the sound of that Rosewater..

Dude, how sweeeet! on the seasilk! You will bring it to knitnight, yes? Please?

Emma said...

Ah ha! I thought that was chocolate almonds. Meh, a little ho hum for me, but it suits you and Marianne quite nicely....hee hee hee.

Can I have your seasilk?

Hobbygåsa said...

Wow- more socks, I'm impressed! Nice yarn, and the seasilk is nothing but beautiful! I must admit to have ordered some myself... I'm going to knit the Montego Bay Scarf -Yes I am! Lovely holiday picture, it looks fantastic there. Have a nice week-end!

Eric & Tony said...

Hizzah for all the yarn porn! Have fun playing in it.

Kristina B said...

Loving the "Love It" - must check that out sometime.

As for the Sea Silk - warning, it is habit forming. Very habit forming. ;-) I'm glad I could inspire you to try the Montego Bay scarf and you will not be disappointed with the Sea Silk, I can pretty much guarantee that! Just finished scarf #2 with the greeny Sea Silk but it's still blocking.

Dipsy said...

Awww, that's some goodie yarn that you got for yourself - I can't wait to see how these different colorways look knitted up!
And yummy, Coronas - now, that's an awesome alternative to the Margaritas! ;) I adore Corona! And drinking them with such a view in front of you, it must have been heavenly indeed! My gosh, I'd *so* love to be in Mexico right now!!!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Looks like you've been on a great yarn shopping trip!! I especially like the colors in that Panda Cotton yarn!

Great beach picture, too!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Sea Silk; I've been wanting to try that myself.

That vacation picture certainly does look like paradise to me (and especially when you add in a Corona or two or six).