Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a fun group!

Tonight was knit night at the library and we had a good group, most of the regulars were there, except Emma, Eric and Tony. Don't know where they were, but whatever. I'm sure they have some excuse blah, blah, blah. (hee hee)

Starting on the left is Kathy, Sue, Ann, Esther in the corner with her wheel behind her, Marianne, Eva, Janet and Tina who were both there for the first time tonight, Cindy, Joyce and Madeline. Several have blogs of their own, links are on my sidebar. Go ahead, check them out.

I *so* enjoy my knitting group, I hope we can meet for a long time to come.

I sure do wish the NYC skyline still looked like this:

I will never forget the sorrow, fear, panic, pain, anger, and the thousands of other emotions that I felt September 11, 2001.


Dipsy said...

I can't believe it's 6 years already - it sure feels like yesterday...
Your knitting group sounds so much fun - I *so* wish we had something similar over here, but no such luck yet. Perhaps I should start my own group one day? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

An excuse for missing knit night - there is no such thing!

Kathy said...

Knit Night was so much fun last night. Did you get home with your Sea Silk? It's gorgeous!
Thanks for thinkint go take photo. We'll have to take another one when Emma and the guys are there.

Anonymous said...

Knitting night was fun. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for letting my use your photo.

Eric & Tony said...

I so wanted to see the sea silk. but we did get the shed almost completely built this week and there wasn't much time for anything else.

Fannie Pie said...

So fun to see you at knit night!

The sideways sweater is Lara out of the Alpaca silk book. Here's a link to the book with a picture of it....http://theknittinggarden.com/db-alpacasilkbk.htm

It was a pretty quick knit even though it took me forever.. I just wasn't knitting on it in the summer.

Happy knitting!

Kristina B said...

Hi Amy:

on your OT, as a Canadian I haven't directly faced such a situation (fingers crossed for us). Your tribute was a lovely one, though.

OnT (sort of): congrats again on the sea silk... I've taken the liberty of linking your blog from mine, which means you should get at least... oh, 2 additional viewers? ;-)



Hobbygåsa said...

I am so sure I left a comment here, something must have happened.. Hey, I have got a new friend in Ravelry (or is it two) I left a comment in your friends Eric and Tony's blog and they have invited me in Ravelry to be their friend! Awsome! I am NOT good on updating my blog with links to other blogs because I use Blogline, and then I forget in my own blog...But I will do some update soon and then you all will be on my list! Have a nice day!